My setup at work

My setup at work


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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thoughts on healthy choices at 96 hours of juice fasting

Friday 2pm to Sat 2pm = 24 hours
Sat 2pm to Sun 2pm = 24 hours
Sun 2pm to Mon 2pm = 24 hours
Mon 2pm to Tues 2pm = 24 hours
Quick addition - that equals 96 hours

96 hours without sugar (other than those found in apples and veggies)
96 hours without dairy products
96 hours without gum
96 hours without artificial sweeteners
96 hours without meat
96 hours without candy, cookies, sweets
96 hours without eating what the rest of my family is having for dinner
96 hours without eating a traditional salad...
96 hours... Wow that is crazy...

Today is the first day of the 96 hours that I am starting to think about when I get to eat more than my juice that I am having on my juice fast...

Not really cravings, but just thinking about it more... Not sure why that is...  I am trying to be methodical about it and plan out the choices that I want to make...  Will I go back into the routine of foods that I was eating on a normal basis for my meals (the healthy choice ones)...

Do I really need to have as much protein as I was having in my morning meal of 1 whole egg along with 4 egg whites scrambled?

What would happen if I stayed dairy free?

What if, what if...  I wish there were an arrow pointing what direction I should go for myself and by health...  How much longer to do the juice fast? (am I compromising anything by trying to do it up to one week?) And what direction from there?

Stay tuned while I figure it out for myself...


  1. Impressive, I say!!! This is an interesting path.

    1. It's that there aren't any marked paths in front of me (or signs) that tell me what way to go next that has me scratching my head...