My setup at work

My setup at work


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Monday, March 19, 2012

An article in the Daily Journal of Commerce...

March 19, 2012

At treadmill desk, woman logs 1,038 miles and loses 40 pounds


Photo courtesy of TrekDesk [enlarge]
This $479 desk is designed to fit any treadmill.
Cindy Mayhak of Vancouver says she has walked 1,038 miles — in her office — and lost 40 pounds since getting a treadmill desk.
A company called TrekDesk, which makes the treadmill desk Mayhak uses, said she won the free desk through its Movement Revolution contest.
The desks cost $479 and are designed to fit any treadmill to create a height-adjustable workstation.
Mayhak said she either walks or stands most of the day, and does not have a traditional desk. She works as a job cost accountant with Paul Davis Restoration in Vancouver. The company repairs property damaged by fire and water.
During a phone interview while she was on her treadmill, Mayhak said, “We're designed to walk and move. Right now I'm walking and putting stuff in a spread sheet and talking to you.”
She said walking at work forces her to concentrate more and that makes her more productive.
Mayhak decided to get a treadmill desk because she found it so difficult to get exercise with a 90-minute daily commute and three children to care for.
She keeps a steady pace of two miles per hour. Her goal is to walk five miles a day but she often walks between five and eight miles. On busy days she is at her desk longer and has logged as many as 10 miles.
Mayhak said she wears business clothes and tennis shoes at work. She only gets off the treadmill to get supplies, take a restroom break or to eat lunch. She doesn't like to eat and walk.
She supplied her own treadmill, which she bought for $100 at a Goodwill store. Her husband added an extra fan to keep the motor cool.
Maykak said her boss was skeptical at first that she could do it but now he's a believer and said he might even replace the treadmill for her if this one breaks.
TrekDesk said more than a dozen people have won free treadmill desks through its Facebook contest.
Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desks, said the company wants to educate Americans about the health and productivity benefits of movement, regardless of their age or body type.
For information about the contest go to

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Friday, March 16, 2012


A new picture at my Trekdesk...  It's a mess because it's busy for me at work right now... :)  But time out to take a picture should be good...

I love that I found 3 new blouses that are smaller to wear (I am not liking wearing the baggy stuff anymore...) at a thrift store for $10 yesterday...  I am wearing one cute black top in this picture - but it doesn't show up so well at this angle - and because it is black...

I spoke with someone on the phone today from the Journal of Commerce in Seattle about my experience using the Trekdesk... It was fun to share my thoughts with them... Will be interesting to see what they publish...

I don't have much else to chatter about right now - I just keep walking... :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

A changing image...

During Zumba class I spend 45-55 minutes looking in a mirror while doing a bunch of sometimes silly moves, but getting my body moving and burning up some good calories!

Know what is strange to me? What I see in the mirror...  My shape has changed so much - it is hard to believe... 35+ lbs lost & I look so different! I hope to lose another 35 or so, and can't really imagine what I will look like when I get there...  Sure I have pictures from when I lost weight before, but I was a different person then - I wasn't conscious of the need to plan to make changes for LIFE...  I look at my pictures at my lowest weight and I don't see a happy person - I just see a smaller version of myself, but there isn't happiness radiating out of me...  I am very happy with life and the progress I have made & it shows in pictures now... And I love that...

When talking with another gal that I have sort of been mentoring with healthier choices, I was telling her it is more about feeling better and being healthier than what the scale says... Don't worry and fret about that... It is about all the little choices that you make and how they add up to a healthier, new and improved you!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Virtual walking progress...

134 miles walked in February at my Trekdesk

271 total miles walked so far in 2012 - the dotted line shows how close I am to the border with CA
These maps show how far I have gotten in 2012 on my virtual walk... Amazing how much I am learning while mapping these out...  Oregon is a pretty long state!  I can't even imagine how long California will be!!!

And when we look at things relative to one another - the scale went down 5 lbs in the month of February as well!  That makes a total of 35 lbs lost since January of 2011.  Slow and steady...