My setup at work

My setup at work


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Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 miles

Last week I hit the 700 mile mark for 2012... You may think, "so what," - well it's a milestone - as I only walked 692 miles at my trekdesk in 2011... So it is a big deal in my mind because I passed last year's amount of miles!  Wahoo!

I thought the cartoon below was really cute, a good reminder about fitting in exercise in our day - I am thankful I discovered  the trekdesk and that it works so well for my life - because fitting in exercise daily outside of work would be a challenge - but it can be done!


Melt Method

So I have been slacking on posting on here, mainly because I have been busy, busy at work lately...  I still need to do an update of my walking progress through May onto here - but for now it will need to wait...

The last post I did was about PAIN... And I am happy to report that the pain I was experiencing at that time has gone away... :)

I met up with my Zumba teacher (and now friend) at her house for a workout that she and one other gal and I were going to work on some new routines she was working on...  Before we did that she introduced me to the Melt Method... 

I told her about the pain I was having in my back and my knees and she told me it sounded like those areas were dehydrated and she walked me through trying the Melt Method that stimulates hydration in your tissues and helps you feel better...

I was hooked after one time - my knee pain was gone right away!  It was great...

The strangest thing about it is you do an assessment before doing the treatment where you lean forward and let your arms dangle from the waist - without bending over...  Then you do a treatment on one side and reassess - and the side that you have treated will be able to reach further than the un-treated side!  Then they even back out after you treat the second side... It is really amazing...

Right now I am borrowing a mini-kit with just one set of the balls and a leaflet that explains how to do the treatments - but I will have a kit like is shown above when her order comes in... :)  Then I will have the DVD that I can watch to verify I am doing everything correctly & two sets of the treatment balls in case I want to show someone else how to do it at the same time!

I love being able to learn how to take care of my own ailments... :)