My setup at work

My setup at work


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Monday, October 29, 2012

Beans and curves

In the process of reading the Eat to Live book, I am learning about the benefits of eating more beans in my diet... I bought several types at Winco to try out cooking on my own (with Mikey's help)... Got pinto, navy and kidney beans...

Today I soaked the pinto beans all day while I was at work and then Mike cooked them for me...  I tried them after they were cooked and they were pretty bland, but I decided to make them into refried beans...  By simply adding taco seasoning, mashing them up a bit and then using the mixer to smooth them out some more - they came out really good... And instead of eating canned refried beans, I know EXACTLY what is in these beans...

Why, you ask, do you have curves in the title too?  Well the last 10 lbs I have lost has made some curves show up on my sides... And that is exciting to me!  To SEE the difference emerging and changes in my body... Sooo exciting!

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