My setup at work

My setup at work


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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another virtual for Matthew and I...

Had lots of fun cleaning up along the road we drive everyday...  were met with a few thumbs up from the people driving by - which really encouraged Matthew :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Good week walking - awarding myself one of the virtual medals :)

Monday - 2.04 miles at trekdesk
Tuesday - 5 miles at trekdesk
Wednesday - 4.5 miles at trekdesk 5.86 miles outside
Thursday - 5 miles at trekdesk
Friday - 5.65 miles at trekdesk

Totaling - 22.19 at work and 5.86 miles outside = 28.05 miles walked this week!

I think that qualifies for the you can fly challenge - as I have been challenging myself to get back into the habit of walking more at work & this was a great week for that!

Here's a screenshot of my walking history for the last 12 months...  Only 8 days into November - hoping to have November beat out October...  This includes my inside and outside walking :)

Each night when my friend Katie and I walk she mentions our pace and I keep reminding her that the pace is MUCH faster than just sitting in the bleachers or in the car while our girls practice softball... 

Whatever you do - make it count - add a bit more each day and you will feel better in your mind, body and spirit...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

5k outside - earning another virtual medal

It was a cold, off again, on again day of rain. I saw a break in the rain, with just enough time to be done before dark - and I took advantage of it!

Got in another 5k walking outside and felt great!  :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quarter Marathon virtual event

I have been walking during Jenna's ball practices and today we started earlier and I pushed my pace a bit and got in a 1/4 marathon that allowed me to earn one of the medals that has been patiently waiting my work to earn the right to put it in my medal case!  :)

Felt so good to walk this far tonight...

5K virtual event with Matthew

Time to get back into earning my virtual medals (I have a pile of them waiting for me)... This was last Saturday with Matthew :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Whatever works right?

Have you ever tried the toothbrush diet?

No, No, No it's not where you eat your toothbrush - but I find it works well to brush my teeth to keep myself from snacking on or eating anything for a while...

I really like my fresh feeling in my mouth after brushing and like to conserve it...

I have been known to brush my teeth at work to stop myself from snacking & I will do it at bedtime (should anyways) to signify to myself that I am done snacking (even while my hubby may still be snacking on something like popcorn)...

There are no magic pills or ways to get and stay healthy - each of us are unique and we all have to find out what works for us each individually...

~ enjoy~

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Update of sorts

I have been able to get back into walking at work & have been doing at least 3 miles a day & feel all the better for it!  :)

And with Jenna playing fall ball (softball) I have been walking outside during her practices... 3-5 miles on average, with only a few times that the weather hasn't been good enough to walk...  But it sure feels good to be moving more... :)

Tonight I even got a treat - another mom walked with me! It was great to have someone to talk with - the laps just flew by!

Hope to post more on here soon...

Part of Blogger is broken that allows me to total up my walking on the sidebar... Just know I am walking and will add to the totals there when I can & hope to top September's walking in October... (Sounds like a good goal huh?)

~ enjoy~

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Walking with the kids

I LOVE, LOVE, Love the time spent walking with the kids - they either walk along with me, or ride a bike or a scooter while coming along with me...  7 days in a row so far

8/4 - Matthew with me for 5k - earned the Run with Rover virtual medal
8/5 - Jenna with me for 2 miles
8/6 - Jenna and Matthew with me for 5k - earned the Running with Angels virtual medal
8/7 - Jenna and Matthew with me for 5k
8/8 - Jenna with me (while Matthew was sick) 5k
8/9 - Jenna with me (while Matthew was sick) 5k
8/10 - Jenna and Matthew on bikes - 4 miles
That's 7 days in a row so far - hoping to add lots more to that!

Outside walking for July

So Baseball/softball took it's toll on my walking outside - I got really behind on my walking to earn all the virtual event medals I had ordered - but we have been catching up...

This post is a record of the ones that I did in July (one had a kiddo along - the rest were just me) :)

10k Mt Tum Tum Fun Run - Cindy Solo 
5k Spring into Action virtual event 7/24 - Cindy 
5k - Life without music would bFlat Virtual event - Cindy 7/26 
5k - Independence Day virtual event - 7/29 - Cindy 
5k - Running Mad virtual event with Shay on 7/30 
Summary of the ones that we did in July and I haven't had time to post about...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Help from my dog...

While working from home last week for one day - I stopped my walking a few times to get something to eat or work on something else... And my dog was very helpful... She ended up napping on the belt!  Silly girl!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day walk...

BEAUTIFUL day today - first evening that I was able to walk without a jacket on and not freeze...  It was great, nice time just walking and enjoying the scenery...

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Showers 5k

Another 5k done today... Matthew and I had lots of fun!

Cherry Blossom 10k Virtual

The weather has been the pitts lately, so I have been just trying to get some miles in at my Trekdesk at work, and then yesterday and today I was able to get in a few miles outside!  :)  I really love my body feeling better (hip/leg/foot) to allow for as much walking outside as time will allow.

The other thing affecting my outside walking has been that my walking was happening during baseball practices until recently when we started having games - I can't miss those, so the outside walking slowed down a bit...

We have just practices on Monday and Tuesday this week and the forecast is looking good, so hoping to get some more outside walking in to catch up on some of my medal earnings... :)

I haven't been going all that fast lately, but still faster than just sitting around!  :)  and really enjoying it!  And that is what matters most to me!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another virtual 10k

I have been enjoying walking outside so much!  And having these "virtual" events to add some pretty bling to the mix makes it even sweeter!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Why not add a few more miles?

So I have signed up for several virtual events now, enjoying them a lot... Being able to do them on my own turf (without driving anywhere), at my own time, and with whoever I want is great!

I was planning on doing a 1/2 marathon distance this weekend to fulfill the Frosty Half Marathon medal that should be on it's way to me, but today turned out to be a good walking day at work - getting 5 miles in (haven't been able to do that in a long time) and then the weather was BEAUTIFUL...  I decided with a 5 mile start, I only needed 8 more miles to get to a 1/2 marathon distance in a day...  I figured for my first virtual that it would be fine to do the miles in segments in the day (as others accumulate miles over a week or even a month to earn their medals)...

Well I did it - 5 at work at my trekdesk, 4.2 with Shay in the sunshine, and 4.1 with Jenna in the dark in Yacolt while Matthew was at Awana Games practice...

It feels great to have this completed!  Can't wait for the medal to arrive and me to be able to put it into my medal case of EARNED medals!  :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another virual 10k on the books

I am really enjoying doing these virtual events... I planned on doing this yesterday, but ended up building a loft bed for Jenna instead... But knew that I would make this a priority for today... And it worked...

I am a bit sore in my hip and IT band tonight which surprises me as it hasn't hurt that much lately...  and the physical therapist was talking about graduating me out of PT... We will see how it feels by the time I see him on Thursday...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Virtual races, I am hooked!

I have been following a gal's blog that has lost a lot of weight & she just started hosting virtual 5k events each month. I signed up for January's and got the kids to go with me for this month - Shay walking and Matthew on a bike (Jenna was at a friend's house).  Even though it was raining, we still had fun.

I looked more online and found even more of them and ones that include a medals :)  I love earning medals so it was a great concept. I found some that charged as little as $10 to get a medal and some that charged as much as $50 to get a medal and a tshirt...  But the proceeds of most end up going to some sort of charity so it is all good. (some even tax deductible!)

 This is the first one that Sara is hosting and I got the kids go to with me on the very WET day...

This was one that I signed up for and paid for a medal - I don't have the medal yet, as they are doing another production run, but will have it eventually...  It was fun to go out and do a 10k this morning without any prior training for it... And the weather even cooperated!  It drizzled on me a bit, but waiting until I was all the way home to pour down rain...

The next one I have is to do a 10k between now and the 12th of February for Mardi Gras... I will report back after I get that done!  :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I started going to Physical Therapy the end of 2012 for some pain in my hip... After a few weeks of PT, it has become very obvious I have lots going on in my hip and my IT band - the muscle that runs the length of hip to knee...

I have backed off on the walking at work because I was busy, and didn't really feel like doing it... But I tried yesterday & sure felt it...

The pain spurred me to figure out how to make a microwavable rice heating pack to put on my aching body... I did it covered in Flannel & really like it. I like it so much I brought it with me in the car this morning (as I hurt while driving) and will heat it up to use on the way home as well...

I will try to walk a bit more today, but listen to my body on how it feels with what I am doing.

One day at a time, one step at a time, one choice at a time...