My setup at work

My setup at work


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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dinner Table

So I am typing here while my family is at the dinner table...  Why am I not there with them? Because I am choosing to try this juice fasting thing & don't think that I can keep myself from eating any of the homemade potato chip fries that they are having with their hamburgers right now...

It is not that I crave them, and I am not hungry, it is just that I don't think I could keep from eating them if I went and sat at the table...  Soon enough I will be done with this reboot and will resume being at the dinner table with the family... I miss the talking and such, but don't think I should go there now...

On another note I did get my rotation done with my summer clothes to the fall/winter ones... This will be fun to have a new selection of stuff to pick from to wear, and I may find that I need to buy a few new things that are a bit smaller... :)  As I really don't like wearing baggy baggy things anymore...

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