My setup at work

My setup at work


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yikes & Success

I "love" the emotional roller coaster that my mind/body goes through in my PMS-ing week...  I feel like curling up with a teddy bear and crying myself to sleep most of the time... :(

This coupled with being frustrated to not see the scale move at all off of the plateau that I have been on - even with the month of being grain-free & with increasing my exercise.  (insert comment about chocolate being so damn tasty and grain free!  LOL)

But this morning I was thinking about a conversation I had with my Mom after she met with a lap band Dr to evaluate the status of the lapband that was put in by another doctor 9 years ago... The Dr was stating that she was a SUCCESS because she had kept off 75 lbs over 9 years... Yes, at one point she weighed a lot less and has gained some weight back, but 75 down from her highest is still a success!

So I stopped to think about my success... I am down 50 lbs from my highest & feel pretty good all the time (aside from the stupid PMS week!!!)  Yes, at one point I was 65 lbs less than I am now, but I wasn't happy at that weight either...  Yes I would like to weigh about 25 lbs less than I do now, but if I am happy and healthy, then there really isn't a hurry to get there...  I have to remember to focus on the Success that I have already had and feel proud that I am maintaining that weight loss and that = SUCCESS!

For now I will continue to find ways to stir up my body to get past this plateau - adding weights, more variations on exercise and the like...  And continue with my grain free diet and try to figure out reducing some sugars as well (one thing at a time right? and trying to make decisions and changes that I can live with for a lifetime!)

Friday, September 7, 2012

Unintentional wheat consumption = Blech...

This little tiny fun size milky way had enough wheat flour in it to make me want to Ralph...  I didn't realize it had any wheat flour in it until after I ate one and didn't feel so good...  Then I looked up the ingredients again and found out that, yep, it has wheat flour in it...  3 weeks without wheat flour and one little bit of it made me feel sick... That's enough proof for me...   I will keep at my wheat free/grain free living and see where it leads me...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The other night Jenna (my tween-aged daughter) had a slumber party and they were having pizza for dinner... I was trying really hard not to go in the room to be tempted to eat any of it (and the wheat that is in the crust that I have tried so hard to avoid for the last few weeks)...  Until I thought of using one of my flax seed wraps (really they taste better than they sound) and using it to make a little pizza for myself!

The picture above is what I came up with - pepperoni's, tomato sauce, cheese and olives... It was really good after I toasted it in the toaster oven...