My setup at work

My setup at work


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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Good week walking - awarding myself one of the virtual medals :)

Monday - 2.04 miles at trekdesk
Tuesday - 5 miles at trekdesk
Wednesday - 4.5 miles at trekdesk 5.86 miles outside
Thursday - 5 miles at trekdesk
Friday - 5.65 miles at trekdesk

Totaling - 22.19 at work and 5.86 miles outside = 28.05 miles walked this week!

I think that qualifies for the you can fly challenge - as I have been challenging myself to get back into the habit of walking more at work & this was a great week for that!

Here's a screenshot of my walking history for the last 12 months...  Only 8 days into November - hoping to have November beat out October...  This includes my inside and outside walking :)

Each night when my friend Katie and I walk she mentions our pace and I keep reminding her that the pace is MUCH faster than just sitting in the bleachers or in the car while our girls practice softball... 

Whatever you do - make it count - add a bit more each day and you will feel better in your mind, body and spirit...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

5k outside - earning another virtual medal

It was a cold, off again, on again day of rain. I saw a break in the rain, with just enough time to be done before dark - and I took advantage of it!

Got in another 5k walking outside and felt great!  :)