My setup at work

My setup at work


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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 2 of all Juice

So Friday night I had a juice for dinner, and ever since then I have had vegetable/fruit juice to drink...  Along with water in between...

Last night, concerned about the amount of calories I had taken in, I ate an apple at bedtime to end up my day with approx 850 calories...

I haven't had cravings for anything. And the juices have been leaving me feeling full.

My biggest challenge has been making the juices every 3 hours to have the freshest juice I can have... I did that all day yesterday & the cleanup is a pain - only a few minutes in reality - but annoying non-the-less because it meant cleaning out the drying rack each time I wanted to clean off the juicer... I know little things, but still...

Today I chose to make a double batch in the morning so I would cut down on at least one juicing session... And tomorrow I will need to make a triple batch in the morning to get myself through the day (to have one in the morning and take 2 with me to work...)  Figured out just multiplying the amount of stuff in the batch and stopping to pour the juice into a pouring bowl at intervals before it overflowed the juice catcher on the machine.  And luckily the pulp catcher is plenty big to be able to accommodate the pulp from a larger batch. So happy I learned early on to line the pulp catch basis with a produce bag so there is little cleanup in that department!

I chose to eat an apple last night (after discovering the apple sauce in the fridge had been open too long and turned into a science experiment) because I didn't want to have to clean the juicer again... The apple, oh the apple... It tasted heavenly...  I can totally see how this will work as a RESET for my taste buds .. Especially when I have only found once that I have a concoction that tasted really good... Otherwise it has been a bit "blech" by the time I get to the bottom of the cup... But it is all in the interest of getting healthier and that is what matters...

And during this juice fast I am trying to think and research what my reset should be like - what will I eat when I am done?

  • What will be different?  
  • Will it be less sugar? 
  • Will it be less dairy and eggs? 
  • Will it be more raw foods?  
  • Will it simply being accustomed to taking in a juice a day on an ongoing basis to be sure that I am getting in some veggies everyday?  (As I wasn't before other than a bit of lettuce, carrots, and peas and a 16 oz juice has to have about 20x more veggies in it)  
At this point I don't know what the change will be, but I don't want to have done this for nothing... We will see...

Time to work on swapping out the season of clothes in my closet - capris and really short sleeve shirts are going to storage and some sweaters, coats, and long sleeve stuff gets to come into the house!

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