My setup at work

My setup at work


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Monday, October 8, 2012

My first time juicing... and more...

Mike suggested I start simple with things I know I like...  So we have apples and carrots here.

I couldn't put the apples in whole - something about knowing part of the stem and seeds would /could be in what I was eating/drinking just wasn't right

Here's what I ended up with in the Juice side

Part of what ended up in the pulp side - pretty amazing how DRY the stuff was - the juicer did it's job!

And my "orange" juice...  Wasn't too bad...

Obviously when you are on to a new idea that might help you become healthier you/I go to the internet to learn more about it and understand the questions that are rattling around in my brain...

I found this article very informative of what happens when you juice fast and how it does good things for your body & how you can survive without eating the proteins we are accustomed to (tuna, chicken, protein powder, eggs and the like)
Juice Fasting

I also got out of it:

  • It is about breaking food addictions and reestablishing healthy eating
  • Clearing toxins from our systems
  • Resetting our minds about sugars and other things
  • This is about permanently changing your eating-paradigm and never going back. Never! There is a place for enjoying a treat here and there but you know as well as I do that was never the problem!
Here's another article on the same website that was very informative:

Stay tuned for more adventures from the juicer... Tomorrow I may go wild and add something GREEN to the juice...

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  1. I love the part you share what you got out of that article. We DONT need the amount of protein we hear we need. I have juice-fasted several times and I do it mosty cause its the best way for me to rid my body of the sugar addiction I tend to have...its a huge mental boost for me! AND I get lots of energy from it...I'm such an extreme personality..all or nothing...all sugar or all HEALTHY..hard to find an inbetween!