My setup at work

My setup at work


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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why do I Trekdesk?

A view from the "deck"...

Why do I Trekdesk?
  • Improved health - any increase in activity improves one's health. Being able to walk while I work, rather than sit at a desk allows me to get in more activity WHILE I am working. When I had to sit out for a week or so due to increased foot pain - it was torture mentally and physically to have to sit in a chair all day long. Even when I don't feel like walking (gasp - it does happen from time to time!) and end up perching myself atop a stool at my Trekdesk - my body doesn't like that - it is usually most comfortable when I am standing or walking...
  • Personal efficiency - I commute 90 minutes each day, which cuts into my family and home time. Being able to walk at work and get in the bulk of my activity/calorie burn in for the day WHILE I work, allows me to be more efficient at home. I can opt to not do something after dinner, or I can - but when I am able to Trekdesk during my workday, I don't feel bad if I don't get something else done in the evening (exercise wise)
  • Professional efficiency - I am more productive when I am walking... My mind thinks better & I concentrate more on my tasks that need to get done while I am walking at work. There have been many studies done that back this up - our bodies are designed to move - not to be sedentary, so naturally if we are doing what they are designed to do, our brains will work better while in motion...
  • Personal challenge - I have set a goal for myself to try to walk at least 5 miles a day at my Trekdesk every work day in 2012 - I find that facing that challenge each day is encouraging and I walk to prove to myself I am up for it!
  • Feeling good - when I get my walking done at work, I feel a sense of accomplishment... it's like the ultimate multi-tasking - getting your work done and getting a work out done for your body at the same time - I feel good to have gotten it done.

Walking my way to better health...

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