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My setup at work


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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Walking to where?

So my goal for this year is to walk at my TrekDesk at least 5 miles per workday, I will walk my 100th mile this year today - so it seems I am on track so far for the year. I have talked before about it bugging me when a coworker mused about me not really walking any where, and I vowed to just reply that I am walking to better health...

Don't get me wrong, I really am walking to better health. I feel better physically, mentally and all around when I walk each day at work. But lately I was thinking it might be neat to keep track of where I am towards the goal for the year...  If I walk 5 miles per workday 50 weeks of the year (accounting for days off here and there) I will log at least 1250 miles for the year. I started to try to look up a location 1250 miles from 98661 - but didn't find anyplace exciting to walk to that is that far away...  Something tropical or at least with beaches would be neat, so I am going to continue thinking and looking for a place to virtually walk to.

Comment with any ideas that you may have :)

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  1. That is absolutely AMAZING! 1250 miles if you walked south from 98661 you would find yourself well into Mexico!!! If you just kept on walking till you reached 1250 you could be on the Baja Peninsula!!! That's just CRAZY!!! You GO GIRL!!!