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My setup at work


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Monday, January 16, 2012


With my extended recovery period from plantar fasciitis, I am learning different things I can do to try to keep myself from having further injury. One of those is stretching... I have never been one that takes the time to stretch before, during or after a workout, unless it is part of a class that I am doing - and I haven't been to a Zumba class since July!  :(  (hoping to change that this week - we will see - who knows with the winter weather we are getting right now)

Anyhow I digress... When I was at physical therapy this week I asked about what stretches I should be doing after my day of Trek Desk - ing...  He suggested the following (in lieu of ones that I would need to be on the floor to do...)

Holding foot and getting a good stretch through my whole leg

Seated stretch that has you leaning over as far is comfortable and feeling a stretch through your leg
Seated or standing next to a table surface that I can get my leg up onto and lean over to feel a stretch through my leg
  He said most of these give a stretch that starts up in the hip - as the pain I feel in the bottom of my foot is related to muscles being tight all the way up to my hip...  (amazing stuff!)

Hoping by remembering to do these off and on throughout the day & at the end of my walking day, that I will keep things "happier" in my hip on down & avoid future injuries... As this walking for better health is a way of life for me, I can't imagine working any other way anymore!

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  1. I need to take a lesson here. Like you, I don't often remember to stretch before or after my workouts when I'm walking or riding the stationary bike. Note to self: Must try and remember!