My setup at work

My setup at work


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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Choose to walk...

I found this cute stamp online & it made me think about the choices I make each day related to my Trekdesk-walking...

  • I choose to walk at my TrekDesk while I work. 
  • I choose to press the start button my treadmill each day to start my walking to better health. 
  • I choose to restart my treadmill each time I have pressed stop to get off for whatever reason - getting information that was not available to me at an arm's reach, to use the restroom, to refill my water bottle, to do filing or whatnot
  • I choose to keep moving while talking to someone that comes into my office - my coworkers are used to me walking while I work, I am able to carry on a conversation with people while I am walking, so there really is no reason to stop to talk to them.
  • I choose to keep moving while I am on the phone - most people don't even realize I am walking while they talk to me on the phone - the only time that I make the choice to stop is when I know that I can't print legibly enough to take notes from a phone conversation while I am walking - sometimes I will just use a notepad on the computer and type the notes into it & that makes it easy to just keep walking...
  • I choose to live up to my goal for myself to walk at least 5 miles each working day at my TrekDesk while working. There are days that I have to push myself to make that choice to get going, but once I get going, I feel so good about it, and before I know it I have met and exceeded my daily goal for myself!
There are so many choices we can make each day to take steps towards healthier living - my TrekDesk walking is literal way that I take steps each and every day towards feeling better and being more productive.

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