My setup at work

My setup at work


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My TrekDesk must haves

My day at work TrekDesking is not possible without a few Must Haves...

  • Water bottle - I drink over 100 ounces of water a day & must have my water bottle at arms reach 99% of my day!
  • Fan - While using my TrekDesk at work, I walk about 2MPH that doesn't make me all sweaty like an hour of Zumba class would, but my temperature does get elevated, in which I counteract with a fan - it is on a shelf at upper body level & I turn it on and aim it at myself to keep myself cooled down a bit.
  • Music - I have an I pod that has a bunch of music on it that I either put headphones on to listen to (when I am not on phone duty) or play out through the speaker dock when it is just myself and my assistant in the office (and she loves to listen to the music too...)  The music allows me to drown out other conversations that can be going on in the office that I don't want to get distracted by.
  • Walking Shoes - having had larger than average feet, I am accustomed to not wearing heals or fancy stuff like that, but I can always be found wearing a good pair of walking shoes - I use Brooks Addictions - as they are designed for people that over-pronate (their feet roll inward while walking) and provide some of the best support I can find. I track my miles on my shoes so I am able to make a decision on when it is time to rotate into another pair of shoes as well. Did you know that a pair of shoes can still look good on the outside, but be worn out on the inside?  It's important to keep track of for the health of our feet!
  • Layered Clothing - For the same reason as I list the fan above, I list layered clothing, so that I have the option to wear a jacket the first part of my day, but then shed it when I get warmed up, and be cool enough that I am not roasting...
There you have a list of my must haves for walking at my TrekDesk - I am sure there are more things that I would miss if they were suddenly gone, but that is the basics...

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