My setup at work

My setup at work


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To incline or not to incline

A view of my trekdesktop surface...
So everyone knows that we burn calories walking on a treadmill - no matter if you are walking 4MPH for a workout, or 1-2MPH while working...  You may ask yourself, how could I burn more calories while working?  (Yes, I just said that - how can I burn MORE, not just enough to be burning more calories than just sitting at work - but thinking of ways to burn even more...)

INCLINE - that is the answer... While some of the treadmills that are specifically designed for walking at work don't have an incline feature, if you are using a traditional treadmill under your desk, you have the option to Incline...  Walking at an incline burns more calories - you don't have to do it the whole time that you are walking at work, but just 5 minutes here or 5 minutes there - or I like to watch the mileage and do 1/2 mile of incline at a time.

I am recovering from  plantar fasciitis  (most likely from my training for and doing my third marathon last summer) - so I limit the amount of time that I do the incline in a day (as I am supposed to stick to flat surfaces most of the time), or at least listen to my body while I am at incline and make sure that I am not making my foot "mad," and adjust accordingly...  In the last few days I have added incline off and on throughout my walking time at work - and I see it add up in my calories burnt at the end of the day (I wear a Bodymedia armband that helps track my caloric burn each day) - and I feel the difference in my body that it has worked a bit harder...  You see I have gotten to a plateau & am needing to find ways to change things up a bit to try to get past that spot - so in combination with changing a bit of the stuff that I do in the evenings, I have been trying to figure out how to change things up while I walk...  Increasing the speed isn't really an option - 2MPH seems to be my max and still being able to function doing my work tasks, but incline - I can do that for 1/2 mile intervals at a time with no problems...

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