My setup at work

My setup at work


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I miss my TrekDesk

We have had a bunch of snow - more than I have seen since the winter of 2008 (when we ended up with 36" of snow)...  I pride myself in always figuring out how to get to work no matter what the weather brings...  Today put that to a halt - at least about getting into the office to work...  I have been working from home which has been working pretty well... 

I started out at a computer that was connected to a printer, as I needed to get some stuff printed out, but after an hour of sitting in front of the computer to work - I was in pain - there were two choices left, stop work and just putter around in the house, or move to my "makeshift treadmill desk" in our exercise room... I chose the latter (remember my post about CHOICES yesterday??)  This is MUCH better than sitting in front of the computer, but I still miss my TrekDesk... for many reasons...

My makeshift treadmill desk - better than sitting, but nothing like my TrekDesk

See how small my work surface is? (this in comparison to the TrekDesk that is so much larger!)

Why I miss my TrekDesk...

  • The TrekDesk has adjustable height - which allowed me to make it be just the right height for me ergonomically to be able to type and use the mouse without fatigue.  (My fingers keep falling to sleep at this desk because I am not adjusted "just right")
  • The TrekDesk has an alcove for me to stand in, so that the work surface surrounds me - allowing for lots of stuff to be on my work surface & an arm's reach when I need it. 
  • The TrekDesk work surface is 72" x 32" - allowing for me to have all I need on my desktop, not having to do a balancing act and have to stop the treadmill to get what I drop on the floor.
  • The TrekDesk accessory cups that hold my pens and pencils are missed as well - right now I could use a highlighter, but will need to get off my treadmill to go get one from elsewhere, as there is no storage place on my makeshift desk to keep a highlighter...
  • Soon enough (hopefully tomorrow) I will be back at work using my favorite desk --> my TrekDesk, until then I leave off with a few views out the window of where I am working today...

View out the window at the snow

Another look out at the snow...

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  1. Sorry you missed your desk, we certainly missed you. But, you certainly had a scenic view out your window!