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My setup at work


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not a diet!!

Today there were left over donuts in the office and I mentioned to someone that I wasn't going to have one because I haven't had wheat in 11 days now... The comment I heard was "Oh you are on the "no bread DIET""...  The comment made me take a step back as he was commenting on it like it was a fad diet...  Oh, oh, oh the uneducated out there...  I tried to tell him it wasn't just "no bread" it was no wheat/or grains...  

His comment back, well if you are going to eat bread, wheat bread is better than white bread for you... Really?  Does he know that both come from the same grains - just one is processed more and BLEACHED???  Insert some head shaking here...

This has always been my philosophy - at least this go around on losing weight... It can't be a temporary diet, or time that you exercise a bunch, or eat a certain way - in order to have long term weight loss we have to find what works for our bodies as far as exercise and the foods we ingest that we can live with forever...

I love the logo above enough that I may put it as my Facebook profile picture for awhile...  :)

For the record (mainly mine) I stopped eating wheat containing products on 8/17 and ended the consumption of oats on 8/26... and once the 2 loaves of commercial "gluten free" breads are used up from my fridge I will be pretty much done with rice flour - may use it here and there - but enjoying trying recipes with almond meal and coconut flour and flax seed right now...  So happy to have received the Coconut flour from Amazon so I can try baking some more stuff tonight :)

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