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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Checking out the Wheat Belly way of eating

So I started to read up on the theory behind the wheat belly book after hearing some people talk about it on Facebook  I put a hold request on the book at  the library, but it is like a 60 day wait, so I just decided to purchase the book - thanks Amazon!

I started reading a bit of it - with my limited reading time available each day, and decided last Friday to start to give it a try... I have eliminated WHEAT from my diet for 5 days now & feel pretty good... I figured out making some of my oatmeal monster cookies with rice flour & some oatmeal pancakes to have as part of my meals that I have throughout the day... I have sought out stuff that is labeled "Gluten free" at stores - with a few different loaves of Gluten free bread in the freezer to try out...

That has gone pretty well, until I started to read more on the Wheat Belly posts (while looking for recipes) and in the book - and came across the fact that the stuff they commercially sell as "gluten free" isn't the best stuff for you - it contains the cheapest wheat alternative ingredients you can find - rice flour, potato starch and tapioca flour... All things that are fine if you are not trying to lose any weight - but if you are trying to lose weight they aren't good - as they cause higher blood sugar level spikes than the wheat itself does!

Color me frustrated when I realized this...  I felt crushed and defeated that I wasn't making any better of choices for myself...  Which also explains why I haven't seen the scale move at all from my change 5 days ago too...

Just when I was thinking that I would have to resort to only eating egg white omelets and drinking my protein milk - I remembered the one place I haven't checked out for a local source of almond meal/flour and other "better" flours that won't cause a blood sugar spike that counteracts all I am trying to do...  Trader Joes... I am hoping to go there today & then be all set to try some recipes tonight and see what sort of creations I can come up with that might make this way of eating tolerable, or even enjoyable in the long run... :)

I sort of remember a similar thought process of being overwhelmed when I was thinking of changing my eating habits to be more "balanced" eating a balance of protein, fat and carbs at each meal - but that worked out - it is just time to figure out a new balance using some different ingredients... Hoping to be able to do the wheat-free and balanced eating all in one and find a way to shed another 20-25 lbs to be healthier...

I will still slowly use up the stuff that I have purchased that was commercialized gluten free items - but I feel a bit better now...

Had to share this funny from my husband as well - I was talking to him about my frustration this morning & he suggested I just go to a corset... I asked him what the heck he was talking about ...  He said isn't that the solution to it all - no need for a band, or to cut out part of your intestines, or staple your stomach - just wear a corset and you won't have room for anything else in your stomach... LOL  Silly guy - that's why I love him!

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