My setup at work

My setup at work


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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Walking at home

I am very familiar with the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs - I used them the first time around when I lost over 100 lbs... I would do the videos (then VHS's) during nap times for my little ones while I worked in a storage office.  (I was able to pause the video when a customer would come in and get right back to it as they left...)  They worked great for me at that time & they work now for extra workouts here and there, especially while I am watching TV with the kids.  We have the TV program up on the TV and the DVD playing on a computer i the same room (with no sound) and I watch the DVD for the cues on what should be done next...  (or other times I will use picture in picture on the TV to watch it on the same screen)...

I work up a good sweat and get my heart pumping more and more... And even better, when I am moving I am not snacking on anything either... So it is a win, win all the way around...

One might ask why I would want to walk more after walking at work - but this is different moves - kicks, knee lifts, side steps and some boosted walking/jogging in place... It works great & I am sore in new places so I know I am activating different muscles...

I have done it the last two nights when the weather has kept me from trying to do any walking outside in the evening...  Plus multitasking to be able to watch some TV shows is good as well!

It is all about finding what you enjoy and like to do - exercise should be fun - not a chore!  :)

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