My setup at work

My setup at work


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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A new low today...

My favorite meal - salad with chicken breast on top... Nummy
I know that it isn't all about the scale - but today the scale and I celebrated a new low - the lowest I have been in over five years.  I entered a new set of 10's digits (which ones are between me and the scale... LOL )

I do have to admit doing a little happy dance this morning after stepping on the scale and seeing that number...  And remind myself that I have been working really hard the last few days to keep my eating in check - maintaining my sugar levels - to help release stored fats - and that might be what finally got the scale to inch down just a bit more...

Hoping to get it to go a few more in the next few weeks so I can hit a nice milestone before I get to meet up with a dear friend I haven't seen in a long time :)


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