My setup at work

My setup at work


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Revolution

The Revolution on ABC started about a month ago - and I am so happy to have found the show and promptly set my DVR to record the show, as I learn so much from watching it.

Ty Pennington (from Extreme Home Makeovers), Tim Gunn (from Project Runway), an OB/GYN Dr, a counselor, and a celebrity trainer round out the cast for the daily show that shares all sorts of tips for making yourself healthier from the inside out... From dressing for your body style, to eating healthy, to training tips for toning up areas that you would like to take care of, to easy do it yourself design and home repairs, to walking through emotional problems from your past that keep you from meeting your full potential - this show is chocked full of interesting and educational material!  They also have a "hero" each week that within the 5 days of the week they show you her transformation over 5 months of the team working with her to get healthier...  They show her triumphs, her struggles, training, learning to eat better and working through emotional issues that keep her from being healthier...  It is such a neat concept that they have all of these stories to share with us and we can see the progress over a week - rather than a whole season of the show!

I rarely watch the news because there is so little material that is positive - so this show is a breath of fresh air with nothing but positive energy (if not positive - they help you learn how to turn it into one!)  It is the perfect compliment to my continued journey to be healthier...

If you haven't checked it out - you should!

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