My setup at work

My setup at work


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bumping up speed...

Yesterday on a whim I pushed the speed up button 2 times to make my speed that I am walking go from 2.0 MPH to 2.2 MPH... Yes that may seem slow for being on a treadmill - but I am at a TrekDesk and working at the same time!  Most people are comfortable with 1-1.8 MPH and I have always done 2.0 MPH and felt good about it...  Yesterday & all of today, I have bumped up the speed to 2.2 and I feel good - I feel like I am pushing myself a bit more, while still managing to do my work at the same time... It takes a bit of getting used to, but it is working...  :)  Hopefully I will see a difference in my caloric burn for the day as well...

Something else that happened yesterday... I got BUSY at work with lots of stuff outside of my office... I didn't complete my 5 mile goal for the day at work (for the first time this year) - but I was sure to finish it out at home last night! While my absolute goal for myself for this year is to do 5 miles at my Trekdesk per workday, there may be days like yesterday that it just doesn't work out...  I was bummed about it, but when facing the choice of staying at work longer just to complete my miles AT WORK, and going home to finish them out, I chose finishing them out at home...  :)  So before dinner I fired up the computer in front of my treadmill at home (with the makeshift desk at it) and I surfed the internet, and got in the remaining 1.57 miles that I needed to meet my 5 mile goal...

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