My setup at work

My setup at work


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Passed the 500 mile mark!

As of yesterday's end of workday - I had walked over 500 miles while at work in 2012!  This feels great to me & tells me I am on my way to shattering my amount of miles from 2011... I did 692 in 2011 over 12 months...  I don't think going another 192 miles will be any problem in the next 7.5 months!!!

It feels good that walking at work is a habit for me...  A way of life - I couldn't see working in any other way... A possible job opportunity crossed my mind for a few minutes (don't worry I am not going anywhere) but you know one of the things that went through my mind while thinking about it for a few minutes... I wouldn't be able to Trekdesk while I worked & that is something that I couldn't live without at this point... Mentally or physically... I would go nuts if I had to sit in a chair for the bulk of my day!

I feel blessed to be in a workplace with coworkers that just know that they will talk to me while I am walking, and a boss that has an open mind to my walking while working & having a treadmill in my office - not that it really takes up any more space than a traditional desk and chair would take up...  (that is the beauty of it)

I have been doing pretty good for the last few days - trying really hard to keep up with the no snacking in between my mealtimes... Doing pretty good - had a bit of a lapse last night, but I survived & won't beat myself up about it!

Until I am back to post again
~ Enjoy~

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