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My setup at work


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Sunday, April 1, 2012

March walking total

In March I logged just shy of 150 miles at my Trekdesk!  That gets me right next to Mt Shasta on my virtual walk towards Baja...  Feels great to be able to keep up with doing this and keep my body feeling better and healthier...

While this month didn't show much weight loss (no gain is a good thing!), I can directly attribute that to not following a weight loss eating regime for the whole month... I have chosen to add some sweets here and there and I have survived... I lost an inch off my waist and one off my hips as well & I sure can tell in my clothing... I have an ever-growing pile of clothes that are just too loose to wear anymore & I have been enjoying bargain hunting for new smaller things to wear.

I love finding new things to wear & I love people making comments on seeing how much better I am looking :) It is still surreal to see in the mirror & really an adjustment to make as I shop for clothes as well... No more 2 or 3x clothing - some XLs and even some plain old Larges are fitting!  :)  Love it...

Going to see if I can crack down again this month with some more exercise to see a few more pounds come off and get some toning going on... I have a friend's wedding to attend in June - nothing like a good goal point to look forward to right?

One day at a time making healthier choices to last a lifetime!


  1. It is pretty amazing to think of how far your virtual trip has brought you! I'm sure it would be a refreshing brisk walk, breathing in Mt. Shasta air right now

  2. I need to do some shopping to replace loose fitting clothes too, only I hate to shop and I didn't earn my weight loss like you have. Hope you enjoy it and you find lots of great bargains.