My setup at work

My setup at work


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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 2 was good as well

Yesterday was another day of behaving myself making better choices...

I ended up writing on my hand twice when I could eat again... Once was because I was out running errands and I have associated driving with munching on stuff - so 3:45pm got written on my hand for that running around time... And then once I did have my 3:45 snack, 6:45 was on there for a reminder for the drive home in the afternoon, that I didn't need to have anything else until it was dinner time...

I also figured out how to get the Dance Central game for Kinect (the xbox system that you don't have to use any controllers) to do a playlist where it will do one song after another instead of having to stop over and over again to pick another song... I like that a lot more...  :)

This morning the scale even was down a bit... That is the right direction for it to go!  :)  (I always remember that there are sooo many factors that play into daily weight fluctuations - hormonal changes, salt intake, water consumption, time of day, and so many more things... But checking daily is a little peek into where I am progress wise - and if I were to see a spike up in one day I could try to trace what the culprit was as well... or better than if I only checked once a week)

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