My setup at work

My setup at work


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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Virtual races, I am hooked!

I have been following a gal's blog that has lost a lot of weight & she just started hosting virtual 5k events each month. I signed up for January's and got the kids to go with me for this month - Shay walking and Matthew on a bike (Jenna was at a friend's house).  Even though it was raining, we still had fun.

I looked more online and found even more of them and ones that include a medals :)  I love earning medals so it was a great concept. I found some that charged as little as $10 to get a medal and some that charged as much as $50 to get a medal and a tshirt...  But the proceeds of most end up going to some sort of charity so it is all good. (some even tax deductible!)

 This is the first one that Sara is hosting and I got the kids go to with me on the very WET day...

This was one that I signed up for and paid for a medal - I don't have the medal yet, as they are doing another production run, but will have it eventually...  It was fun to go out and do a 10k this morning without any prior training for it... And the weather even cooperated!  It drizzled on me a bit, but waiting until I was all the way home to pour down rain...

The next one I have is to do a 10k between now and the 12th of February for Mardi Gras... I will report back after I get that done!  :)

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