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My setup at work


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Monday, December 31, 2012

A new year = new choices

Here we are on the end of another year - I am amazed at how fast time keeps going by. I keep thinking of things I would like to do for the new year - walk 5 miles a day (inside or outside) or just exercise (get moving) a minimum of 1 hour a day... Yeah they sound great on paper (even if it is virtual paper on my computer screen) but I don't know that I really could keep up with that for a whole year... There are a lot of things that I know I couldn't keep up with for a whole year, so why set myself up for disappointment...

Rather I am going to do what I hope you will do as well - resolve to keep making better choices...  

An example - today I had the munchies - the bottle of juice I had with me was not going to cut what my body/mind was telling me I wanted... The thought crossed my mind to go through McDonald's and get an order of fries - but the price stopped me on that - $2-3 for an order of fries, when that much money will buy a whole bag of potatoes that we can make home fries with at home... But I still needed something to eat that I could chew & I knew was gluten free/grain free... I decided on an order of chips and cheese from Taco bell - yes corn meal could be considered a grain, but I think it was a better choice than the McDonald's one...

McDonald's small fries - 230 calories and 11 grams of fat 
Taco Bell chips and cheese - 270 calories and 15 grams of fat...

OK, OK so after I looked it up, it wasn't really the better choice - but guess what - I am more educated now and will make a different decision next time...  LOL

I also now know that a Tostada or a crunchy taco would have only been 170 calories and 10 grams of fat... Again with educating myself so I can make different DECISIONS next time!

So back on track after I realize that I could have made a better decision today - guess what? I won't die from making the wrong decision - I just learn from it an move on... Similar to when I make the wrong decision to eat the wrong thing, or too much of something - I bottle up that feeling of over-full-ness and put it in my memory bank and draw upon it next time I am in the same situation...

Another thing I can learn from today is that I need to pack some healthy snacks that I can have in the car so I don't mess with the drive thru option at all (mind you that was the first time I had gone through a drive through in a LONG time...)  Packing a small baggie of homemade trail mix, or almonds would probably be helpful in the future to have on hand when I just need to CHEW something!  :)

So what am I getting at in my end of the year ramblings?

I am CHOOSING to make healthier decisions in 2013 - one decision at a time - making decisions to a healthier me!  Will you join me?

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