My setup at work

My setup at work


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Friday, March 9, 2012

A changing image...

During Zumba class I spend 45-55 minutes looking in a mirror while doing a bunch of sometimes silly moves, but getting my body moving and burning up some good calories!

Know what is strange to me? What I see in the mirror...  My shape has changed so much - it is hard to believe... 35+ lbs lost & I look so different! I hope to lose another 35 or so, and can't really imagine what I will look like when I get there...  Sure I have pictures from when I lost weight before, but I was a different person then - I wasn't conscious of the need to plan to make changes for LIFE...  I look at my pictures at my lowest weight and I don't see a happy person - I just see a smaller version of myself, but there isn't happiness radiating out of me...  I am very happy with life and the progress I have made & it shows in pictures now... And I love that...

When talking with another gal that I have sort of been mentoring with healthier choices, I was telling her it is more about feeling better and being healthier than what the scale says... Don't worry and fret about that... It is about all the little choices that you make and how they add up to a healthier, new and improved you!

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  1. What fun is the destination if you don't enjoy the journey! It is so much more enjoyable if you can appreciate where you are, and the little successes along the way while still looking toward the goal!